Bee Mine Valentines Day Cookie Set

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Bee Mine Valentines Day Box Cookie Set This is a 2 Cookie Set. You will only receive 2 cookies per order. The cookies will be packaged in a gift box. This set will ship the week prior to Valentines Day. Each cookie is about 4-4.5 inches. All cookies are made from scratch. Ingredients Include: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, salt, and all natural flavoring. Cookie Flavor: Vanilla **Please note: All Cookies are non- refundable. I do my very best to ensure cookies don’t arrive damaged or broken. Cookies are very fragile, each cookie will be individually wrapped, and bubble wrapped in pairs. This added step is used to help prevent the cookies from potentially breaking during shipment. Once your cookies are shipped, it is the responsibility of the mail carrier to get the cookies to you on time, and in one piece. Please understand I have no control over the handling of the package while it’s in transit.**